The Gentry (known by many appellations including “True Fae,” “The Others,” “The Keepers,” “Those fucks who stole us away,” and many others) are beings of immense power. According to some lorekeepers, saying their names invites them, so we like using euphemisms for them. The most common term is “The Gentry,” though.

Whatever they are, they are immensely powerful in their realm. It’s suspected that that’s due to their realm somehow being just another aspect of them; like the Christian Triune God concept, the Gentry exist in their titles somehow.

Around here, we know that the Hedge has some paths that lead to at least a few of the Gentrys’ realms.

The Gentry are by no means human. Even the most humane is still a monster – they may care too much and warp their charges in their inhuman desire to protect. They can show callous indifference. Benign neglect, while rare, also happens. However, woe befalls those who break their rules.

Keepers we know about include The Fisher and others.


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